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The pillows from buckwheat husk and linen fabrics
Linen pillows Belecoflax® filled with buckwheat husk is a caring part of Nature in Your home.
The combination of buckwheat husk and linen fabrics is unique products Belecoflax® are 100% natural.
The pillows Belecoflax® repeat the anatomical features of the body, have an orthopedic effect, providing a correct head position during sleep. Linen has natural antibacterial properties, inhibits pathogenic microflora, helps protect against infections and fungi.
Linen perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture, is not electrified, warm in winter and cool in summer. The pillows Belecoflax® are breathable, which provides good thermoregulation and free breathing and relaxation and comfort as a result. The pillows Belecoflax® hypoallergenic – buckwheat husk does not inhibit dust mite. Pillows made of buckwheat husk help to fight insomnia. The pillows Belecoflax® contribute greatly to overall improvement of body.