The Game:

Download latest version:
Terrablox Alpha 0.2.9b

Release notes:
1. Options to change lots of graphics settings.
2. Options to change the kind of world you can play in.
3. Ability to delete save games.
4. Game mode is displayed on the save game.
5. Semi-Asynchronus loading screen, so you don't feel like you're waiting for nothing.

Patch notes (b):
1. Fixed texture not reverting after visiting the Underworld.
2. Fixed issue where you could fall through the fall during low FPS. Z is now limited to above 0.
3. Fixed character skin not being invalidated. Hat should now show up properly by default.


Most of these will be concept images, but we may add something different in the future just for fun!

The Logo!

A Desertscape

Terraboy Finding Warmth

A Stroll In The Desert

Monster Cards!

These are concept images and stats for future in game monsters!


There is a previous version of Terrablox created a long time ago, and is no longer supported, but the community carries on it's development! So you can still grab it if you like, there's plenty of mods for it already!

Community Versions here

Old download available here

Community Resource Site

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